Citroen DS21 Pallas Base 2.2L 1968 restored rust free french classic car

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Technical specifications

Manufacturer:Other Makes
Model:DS21 Pallas
Fuel Type:GAS
Interior Color:Brown
Engine:2.2L 2175CC 133Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated
Number of Cylinders:4
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Ok well if your reading this listing.You are either a Citroen enthusist or seen one of these fine pieces of art and are curious about them.However if you have any question about these cars call or email me I dont want to go on and on with the history of these cars like most do.It is a extordinary car no other in the world like the ds and yes this one is a true ds pallas as in the vin plate and a ds pallas for those that dont know is top of the line.Not the cheap id or super or a plain ds this is the best.Ok heres what your waiting for this cars history.I Have owned and grew up with a lot of Citroens from ds to 2cv cx bx sm you name it I know it so I come from experience in saying this is one of the cleanest d`s.I bought this car about a year ago from a guy who use to have a shop and restore cars he found this car garged and needing work and he spent a couple of years stripping it from top to bottom going through the Engine the Wires,Tranny everything including painting the car putting a new headliner and much more to make this running beauty.However like many times pepole say its ready to drive and in truth there is still much to be done well that is what I had to deal with so after getting the car I had to spend thousands of dollars to finish this car and make perfect.So now I can honestly say everything works perfect wether driving in the city or the highway at 85 it works like citroen designed it to.The low down on this car now,Rust Free,Bondo Free,Weld Free,Interior is in great Shape,Paint Looks great,Car Sounds Great,Car Drives Great,Heres a list of things that havebeen done on this car.New Brakes,New Emergency Brakes,Rebuilt Brake Calipers including new seals and pistons,New Hydraulic Pump,New Brake Accumulator,New throttle Linkage,New Main Accumulator,New Hydraulic Regulator,New Spears all over,New Hydraulic Hoses,New Rubber around windows,Doors,Hood Prop and more,Fuses,Bulbs,New Carburator,New Reciver Dryer,AC Changed to R134,New CD Player,All new Wire Harness for stereo,Electrical work done all around the car,All kinds of new hardware,New Battery,New Tires,New Spark Plugs,New Wires,New Points,New Fuel Pump,New Brake Line and Hydraulic Line Seals,New Seals for the Spears,Flushed the Hydraulic System,Radiator Cap,Not to mention that the previous owner did the Engine and Tranny and more work as well most of what I listed above is just the stuff I had done and im sure im leaving something out.This car has thoysands of dollars in it now you must be wondering why im selling well to put it plain and simple had a few unexpected bad things happen that I need money to solve the problem so my car is up for sale but only for the right price no low ball offers accepted.Now just recently a ds that was a car that was thrown together and wrong on so many levles sold for almost 18k meanwhile my car is correct no funky stuff and super clean ones these days go for 20k - 47k so I want a fair price my car condition wise is not a show car beacuse every last detail needs to be done for that however mine is that far from it so if you want a show car then make this one.Call me with any questions 602 423 9942 I Will sell this car to the first buyer with money and a fair offer also money can not be paid via pay pal this is a car so pay pal wont be accepted.Also by the way the A/C Is the dual fan fender mounted air the best available for the ds.I also want to add for those of you who might think the price is high think about this it is rare to find a ds and when you do they normally are rusted or non working or work poorly this is one rare find to get a ds already restored which restoring a ds cost thousands of dollars and rust free and just a fun great collectible car that will soon double if not more in value.Finally these cars are being appreciated they are in countles movies videos and tv shows,To name a few The new X Men,Gattica,Day of the jackyl,Munich,Pink Panther,The metalist,European Vacation,Catch me if you can,Davinchi Code,Scarface,Man without a Face,The French Connection and so many more including music videos by KD Lang,Rhianah,Selena Gomez,Prince,Mazzy Star,Ricky Martin and more even Brain Johnson from AC/DC & Santana,Keith Richard,Cheech and Chong and more Drive these cars along with Jay Leno you will have a hard time finder one as clean as this and think about it you would pay more money for some new ordinary car that will lose money every year and wont turn heads this car always turns heads.

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